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Nationwide  ID  Group  Services

Home of New Driver License Scanning Technology

Scan the DL or ID  within  a second  and have the verification

needed by TABC  for the membership into your club

We do the rest for you

Our  Scanners accurately read all 50 state driver licenses and ID cards.

Read and decode all data from the  bar code  within a second  YES that Fast.  View the information on led screen of scanner. At that time scanner will send back if guest is a existing member or new member, if new member the member application prints on screen for guest to electronly  sign

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ID Scan Private Club System

is very portable, use at the door, at the table or bar. Reads the ID faster than you can snap your finger.

This small terminal is all you need for your compliance  with TABC Private club membership

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ID Scan Features

All data kept via cloud

Supports multiple stations

Detects and Flags Underage

Detects multiple Visits

Controls ID Swap

Verifies Out of State ID's